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Your Quick-Start Guide To The

Two Bit Bears Adventure

A Four-Generation Evolutionary-Based Series
of Hyper-Realistic Bears

Evolution-Based Breeding Process

Welcome to the first long-term evolutionary adventure to exist in the NFT space. Build upon your Sleuth by breeding your bears through four generational phases. Create your Generation 4 Bear based upon the traits of your bear’s family tree—where moods become visual, animated, and even more hyper-realistic.

Become a Part of the Adventure

We have designed the breeding process in such a way that it can take place ad infinitum. Even if you weren't a holder at launch, you have the option to join the ride at Gen 1 or Gen 2, and move forward in the breeding process now or in the future. In this bear-venture, everyone is welcome, while ensuring that early holders are rewarded (good news: you're still early.)

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 10.52.12 AM.png

Evolution-Based Breeding

Phase 1



honeyprocesser 1.png

Phase 2




Optional Growth Mechanic



Phase 3

Only One Gen 3 Bear

Phase 4


Gen 4 Bear

Group 98.png

A Gen 2 Bear can only breed once.
Check Breeding Status.

Evolution-Based Breeding
Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 11.27.48 AM.png

Community-Driven Design & Invention Agency

We will be further expanding the Bear’s utility—creating an extended Universe built by the community, which we are calling The Goldilocks DAO. This is an experiment on the Blockchain with the aim of creating an organization that our community will be an integral part of.
Membears decide what projects they want to work on together—and as a community, we make these projects come to life.

The Roadmap


Delivered 10.14.21

A series of 5000 Hyper-Realistic Algorithmically Generated Crypto Collectable Bears. Four species, blended fur colors across the RGB spectrum, randomized moods, and named after inspirations in the NFT space.


Delivered 11.02.21

Any holder with two Gen 1 bears of the same species received a Honey Processor token airdropped to their wallet. Airdrop completed on 11.02.21 and is now closed, but Honey Processors are available on the secondary market. Honey Processor is burned when used to breed Gen 2 Cubs.


Delivered 11.05.21

Anyone with two Gen 1 Bears of the same species and a Honey Processor is eligible to breed, and will produce anywhere from 1-3 Gen 2 Cubs. Cubs will be a combination of parent traits, and will include blended moods and fur colors.

Delivered 11.05.21

Gen 2 cubs are available for adoption / mint. This is an opportunity for new Membears to be a part of the evolution-based breeding cycle from an early phase. It also ensures a substantial breeding pool to move into Phase 3 and 4, and allows people to go through the phased breeding process for years to come. 


Generation 2: Growth Mechanism

Delivered 12.01.21

Gen 2 Cubs will have the ability to grow. This is totally optional, but if you choose to, you can trigger the growth mechanism—and in a week's time, your cub will become a fully grown bear. A bear ready to breed again...


Generation 3: Breeding

Delivered 01.16.22

Delivered 01.16.22

You will need two Gen 2 Bears of the same species to be ready for breeding Gen 3 Bears. Gen 2 Bears need to be fully grown to breed, and can only breed one time. Gen 3 Bears are 100% on-chain and comprised of unique polygonal shapes, facial attribute manipulation, randomized scarring, and our first introduction of background colors. Last names of Gen 3 Bears will impact background designs of Gen 4.


Two Bit Bears Merchandise

Next Deliverable

Two Bit Bear merch will be available in the Bear Den, where Membears will be able to access hyper-specific merch based on wallet contents. Because of its sophisticated aesthetic, merch will always be branded around Gen 1 Bears. 


Generation 4: Digital Evolution

You will not need two Gen 3 bears to breed and produce a Gen 4 Bear. Whatever genealogy exists in your Gen 3 Bear will come to life in Gen 4. There will be some stipulations. We call this the Goldilocks System™. You will need to hold at least one bear from each of the 3 Generations to qualify.


Origins Bears Auction & WWF Donation

Origin bears are a series of uniquely designed bears that pay homage to name inspirations. One of each of these uniquely designed Origin Bears will be auctioned off for charity to the World Wildlife Foundation. The Two Bit Bears team will also donate $10K to the foundation. The Origin Bear pairs will be gifted to their name inspirations.


The Bear Den & The Goldilocks DAO

Aside from the Merch that will be available, we plan to build out the Bear Den to include a space where we can come together, solve puzzles, and support each other with our own creative NFT endeavors. The Bear Den will be the home for the Goldilocks DAO, an extended Universe built by the community. This is an experiment on the Blockchain with the aim of creating an organization that our community will be an integral part of. Membears decide what projects they want to work on together—and as a community, we make these projects come to life.

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