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A series of Hyper-Realistic Evolutionary-Based Crypto Collectable Bears Bred or Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

On Chain ERC 721 with Computationally Randomized +
DNA-Based Attributes, Limitless SVG Scalability and an
Animated Growth Mechanism.
Oh my.

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Group 194.png
Group 195.png
Group 196.png

Bear Details

Ripping through the 3rd dimension in an evolutionary leap from Gen 1 Pixels, each Gen 2 Bear is comprised of Two Voxels.
There are two ways to create Gen 2 Cubs:




The Moods

Combined moods to create
ten new ones.

Random moods are the same as Gen 1 Bears.

The Fur

Fur colors pulled from the RGB of two Parent Bears.

Fur colors randomly pulled from an RGB spectrum.

The Litter

Create 1-3 Cubs—singles, twins, or triplets.

One Cub is minted per adoption.

The Names

All Cubs are named after inspirations in the NFT and design space, and name combinations are randomly generated.

In order to breed a Gen 3 Bear,
Gen 2 Cubs must become fully grown Bears.


Cubs grow over the course
of a week, or 44000 Eth Blocks.


Gen 2 Bears can only breed
ONE time—check status here.

The growth mechanism must
be triggered and is optional.

Growth takes place 100%
On Chain. (7).gif

A Deeper Look at Gen 2

Adopted Cubs

Once all Honey is burned, adoption will be the only route toward creating new Bears. Adopting gives you the chance to mint rare Gen 2 traits—the same as Gen 1, with Grumpy Mood and Panda Species being the least likely.


When breeding two Gen 2 Bears of the same species, you can choose which moods passes to your Gen 3 Bear. Remember: A Gen 2 Bear can only breed one time.

Community-Driven Rarity

There are 2500 adopted Cubs available with predetermined species and mood rarity—but bred Gen 2 Cub species and moods will depend on community decisions, impacting the collection as a whole.

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