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A series of Hyper-Realistic Evolutionary-Based Crypto Collectable Bears Bred on the
Ethereum Blockchain.

On Chain ERC 721 with Computationally Manipulated Polygons +
DNA-Based Attributes and Limitless SVG Scalability.
Oh my.

Group 237.png
Group 238.png
Group 239.png
Group 240.png

Bear Details

Each Gen 3 Bear is comprised of polygons—SVGs that can be infinity scaled. Each and every point is built in code, and able to be randomly manipulated within our constraints.


Manipulated Facial Attributes

Instead of attribute replacement, which is commonly used in generative art, Gen 3 facial structures are built from moving and shifting the points of the SVG from within a coded range.

Gradients & Scarring (Glitches)


30% of Bears have scarring (or glitches) that set them apart. The gradients, which are also built into almost every polygon, bring the Bears to life in a way that simple flat shapes could not.

Read more about Gen 3 Bear Technology on Medium
Two Bit Bears Generation Three: From Pixels to Polygons

Some More Bear Details

Group 128-2.png

The Names

First names are inspired by the community! Last names are inspired by artists that will impact the background of your Gen 4 Bear.

Group 128-2.png

The Fur

These Bears have their parent’s eyes, with a percentage of fur color dependent on Gen 2 RGB colors.

Group 128-2.png

The Moods

The mood of your Gen 3 Bear is determined by which Gen 2 mood you decide to pass down when breeding. This mood will come to life in Gen 4.

Group 128-2.png

Community-Driven Rarity

Species and mood rarity will depend on community decisions. Gen 3 can only come from breeding (no adoption available.) 

Your Gen 3 Bear will Become your Gen 4 Bear

For each Gen 3 Bear you hold, you can claim one Gen 4 Bear. There is an attribute on OpenSea that determines whether or not a Gen 4 has been claimed.

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